Exploration Cornerstone of Our Success

Passion, knowledge and advanced technologies: The key to finding gas and oil.

Wintershall Dea Norway Lighthouse Coast
Wintershall Dea Norway Lighthouse Coast
Wintershall Dea/Thor Oliversen

Wintershall Dea focuses on maintaining a diverse license portfolio. That means the company seeks to secure acreage in core areas near to existing assets, and to explore for new fields that can be developed over the next decades. We have a mix of prospects in different areas and geological plays, and the opportunity to plan near-field exploration to maximise value of ownership in existing fields. In recent years we have had success with this strategy, making discoveries in areas near to existing infrastructure. Today, those discoveries are being developed into fields. With exploration licenses spread across the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, Wintershall Dea has a portfolio that captures the opportunities along the length of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Success is never certain in exploration, but the passion and knowledge of the Wintershall Dea geologists and geophysicists, combined with the use of advanced technologies, gives the company the greatest chance of striking gas or oil.

North Sea

Rich infrastructure provides high potential for tiebacks

Norwegian Sea

Significant growth area with solid infrastructure and new areas

Barents Sea

Holds more than half of Norway’s undiscovered resources

Knowledge-based exploration

Drilling is the only way of definitively discovering hydrocarbons. But before committing to labour- and capital-intensive drilling campaigns, the company takes into account all knowledge and information available to improve the odds. Scientists review seismic and other data about a reservoir and determine if a prospect is ripe for exploration.

Wintershall Dea drilling rig North Sea
Wintershall Dea drilling rig North Sea

The only way of finding hydrocarbons is by drilling.

Wintershall Dea/Harald Pettersen

Public Hearing: Havstjerne CO2 Storage, Impact Assessment Program

The assessment program is one of the first steps in the process of developing commercial CO2 storage on the Norwegian continental shelf. The proposal has been prepared in accordance with the latest PDO guidelines for petroleum activities. The assessment program presents a planned development solution, time schedules and topics that will be further investigated in the impact assessment.

In consultation with the Ministry of Energy, the deadline for submitting comments is within a 12 week period, with a deadline of Thursday 23 May.

Any comments or remarks should be sent to the operator Wintershall Dea Norge AS by e-mail myndighetskontakt@wintershalldea.com, with a copy to the Ministry of Energy at postmottak@ed.dep.no.

Download here (Norwegian only)

Wintershall Dea Havstjerne CO2-lagring