Maria From discovery to production

The Maria field is one of the most advanced tiebacks in the world, helping to extend the lifetime of surrounding fields.
Wintershall Dea Maria subsea template
Wintershall Dea Maria subsea template
Wintershall Dea/Rolf Skjong

Maria is the first field Wintershall Dea brought all the way from discovery to production. Surrounded by gas and oil infrastructure in the Haltenbanken region of the Norwegian Sea, Maria is one of the most advanced subsea tieback fields in the world. It was discovered by the company in 2010, around 200 kilometres off the coast of Norway, and brought into production in 2017. Maria is supported by and takes services from four nearby fields.

Wintershall Dea Quickfact Maria
Wintershall Dea Quickfact Maria
Wintershall Dea Offshore Platform Heidrun
Wintershall Dea Offshore Platform Heidrun
The Heidrun platform provides Maria with water injection.
Wintershall Dea
Utilising existing infrastructure

Maria is a subsea field, producing hydrocarbons via two underwater templates at 300 metres water depth that link to four existing fields. The Maria well stream goes to the Kristin platform. Water injection comes from Heidrun, while lift gas is provided from Åsgard B via the Tyrihans subsea field. Processed oil is sent to the Åsgard field for storage and export. Gas is exported via the Åsgard Transport System to Kårstø.

By developing Maria as a smart subsea solution, Wintershall Dea is helping extend the lifetime of the surrounding fields – continuing to give back to Norwegian society.
Alv Solheim
Managing Director for Wintershall Dea in Norway
Preserving marine wildlife

After extensive underwater surveys, Wintershall Dea laid 114 km of pipelines and umbilicals on the ocean seabed, weaving away from precious corals, in order to tie the field to the host facilities. Thousands of tonnes of rock were laid in preparation for the careful routing of the pipes.

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