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Wintershall Dea Update No
Wintershall Dea Update No
Wintershall Dea

On Wednesday evening, February 28, a rescue helicopter of the type S-92 crashed west of Bergen. The incident occurred during low-altitude training flights associated with hoisting people from sea or boats.

Immediately after this incident, it was decided to pause flights to gain access to information, out of respect for those involved and relatives, and there was a strong need for information to passengers.

It will take some time before the Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority completes its analyses, but so far no causal factors have been revealed that cause the Civil Aviation Authority to question the airworthiness of this helicopter type.

Wintershall Dea has full confidence in the work now being done by the Safety Investigation Authority and the assessments made by the Civil Aviation Authority regarding the airworthiness of the helicopter type.

The Sikorsky S-92 is a helicopter known very well with its almost 20 years in operation and more than 2.2 million flight hours.

In dialogue with the Civil Aviation Authority, Wintershall Dea sees no indications of technical faults common to the helicopter type S-92 or that safety in the transport service has been impaired.

Based on aviation safety assessments made internally in the O&G companies as well as maintaining the airworthiness approval in Norway and globally (EASA & FAA), a comprehensive assessment has been made which indicates that it is safe to resume passenger flights with S-92 from 1.3.2024.

Wintershall Dea is confident that the S-92 operations meets our strict requirements for flight safety.

Your safety is our top priority.