Wintershall Dea and OMV award rig contract to Transocean

Stavanger / Kassel
Wintershall Dea NO Transocean contact
Wintershall Dea NO Transocean contact
Wintershall Dea
  • Project scope entails drilling of eleven wells for Wintershall Dea with option for additional wells
  • Contract period from June 2023 to end 2027
  • Harsh-environment semi-submersible rig ‘Transocean Norge’ has best-in-class emission footprint

Wintershall Dea and OMV have awarded a rig contract to Transocean for the use of Transocean Norge for 17 wells, and at the same time entered into an exclusive partnership with Transocean for the use of Transocean Norge for drilling of all firm and all additional potential wells in the period 2023 to 2027.

The contract with Transocean Norway Operations is for the use of the drilling rig ‘Transocean Norge’ to drill eleven operated wells for Wintershall Dea and six operated wells for OMV.

“Securing the ‘Transocean Norge’ with Transocean means we have a modern and fit for purpose rig with a best-in class emission footprint - and a drilling partner to support our continued growth on the Norwegian Continental Shelf” said Michael Zechner, Wintershall Dea Norge Managing Director.

“This long-term contract is an important milestone in the execution of the Berling development project. In addition, we have secured a rig to one of our upcoming exploration wells,” said General Manager Knut Mauseth in OMV Norge AS.

The objective of the rig collaboration is to increase the operational efficiency by taking advantage of the joint competence and related synergy effects in a strategic partnership. The partnership includes shared rig intake process, shared 3rd party services, onshore supply base and logistics. In addition, sharing of best practices and lesson learned between the companies.

The contract scope entails for Wintershall Dea the drilling of four exploration wells, four development wells for the Maria Revitalisation project and three development wells at Dvalin North. For OMV, ‘Transocean Norge’ will drill three development wells for the Berling project and two exploration wells.

‘Transocean Norge’ is a sixth generation drilling rig, introducing several modifications to further improve the emission footprint such as hybrid energy solution and digital optimization of the power distribution. The rig is well fitted for planned exploration and development operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, including HPHT and shallow water depths.

The contract period includes options to drill additional operated wells. It also includes incentives to reward the rig contractor for safe and efficient operations.